Quick Facts

I've been writing since my Grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Corbett, made me do lines on the blackboard for some infraction of which I was no doubt wrongly accused. Now I’m a Toronto-based marketing communications leader with a multi-disciplinary background in strategy, creative and copy, which is good for your business and your budget. I’ve built my B2B and B2C experience by working for tech giants like BlackBerry, retailers like Loblaws, entertainment designers like FORREC, agencies, publications and a host of plucky small businesses. I've communicated about everything from sauces to servers, so I’m fearless about tackling unfamiliar subject matter. And I can take the most head spinning technical jargon and turn it into gripping communications.



My Approach



I stick to a few simple principles: find out what matters to people, drive home the benefits, talk more about them than you. Then I conceive the strategy, manage the team, hire other experts when needed, shoot the video and write the ever-lovin’ socks off the copy. Whatever you need to get the project done.